Melkow is a unique brand name derived from the Dutch word “Welkom,” meaning “Welcome”. By simply switching the positions of ‘M’ and ‘W’, we have created a distinctive brand that embodies the concept of welcoming. Here at Melkow, we pride ourselves on being just a little bit different from the rest. We serve as the home for various brands that bring a new depth of meaning to the word “Welcome”.

Latin Bootcamp

Learn how to dance Salsa, Bachata or Reggaeton in three-hour sessions during the weekends in Rotterdam. 

Avenue Nine

Catering you the best Caribbean Soulfood, which is a fusion between Surinamese, Jamaican, and West Indian cuisine.


At Avenue Nine, we host various food and music events. Our most popular event is “Rotidag,” which offers an all-you-can-eat Roti experience.

Pakketje Suriname

Sending packages to Suriname has never been simpler. You can now deliver packages to your family and friends within 24 hours.

U-Lace Europe

U-Lace offers the best no-tie shoe laces in the world. With a variety of colors, you can create your own masterpiece using our laces.